Correcting Currimundi Creek

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Summer’s wild weather may have ceased but mother nature isn’t smiling on the Sunshine Coast just yet.
Recent king tides have had a major impact on the alignment on the Currimundi Creek entrance, causing erosion and putting nearby infrastructure at risk.
Sunshine Coast Council Coastal and Canals Manager Denis Shaw said remedial work at Currimundi was underway.
“The entrance to Currimundi Creek and the main channel of the creek has been shifted south by the recent king tides and also towards the adjacent beaches which have lost about 30m of sand,” he said.
“This has caused severe scarping to the sand dunes opposite council’s surf tower and the dune in front of Watson Steet properties.
“Given the rate of erosion and channel movement, work in this area is urgently needed to make the area safe and ensure that the nearby life guard tower as well as the carpark and vegetation isn’t in danger.”
The works will be carried out under council’s Lake and Estuary Risk and Operation Management Protocol and will involve re-aligning the main channel in the entrance of Currimundi Creek northwards.
Work is expected to be complete by the end of this week.