Consider water use as warmer months approach

Unity Water

Unity Water
Unity Water

With the onset of the warmer months, Unitywater is encouraging its customers across Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast to be conscious of their water consumption.
Executive Manager Retail, Judy Bailey, said water consumption was already on the rise and historically there was a marked increase during spring and summer when residents were spending more time outdoors.
“Watering gardens and lawns, re-filling swimming pools and cleaning vehicles, boats and other outdoor equipment all tend to increase from September/October onwards as people start enjoying warmer weather and preparing for the holiday season,” Ms Bailey said.
“We are certainly not discouraging residents from undertaking these activities, but we encourage them to be aware of how much water they are using.
“Even though our dams are still at fairly high levels, it doesn’t mean we should relax and discard water saving strategies.”
Ms Bailey said tips for conserving water were available on Unitywater’s website, and again urged Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast residents to monitor their water use by reading their own meter every fortnight.
“If customers take regular readings of their own meter they will have a better understanding of their water usage patterns and it will also assist with the early identification of potential problems, such as concealed leaks,” she said.
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