Colossal croc’ on his way to Coolum

28 March, 2013
Author: Charles Hodgson

A GIANT early relative of the crocodile will become one of the major exhibits at the new Palmer Coolum Resort dinosaur park, which is scheduled to open later this year.
The 20-metre long, 3.5-metre high Deinosuchus will be both imposing and impressive with jaws big enough to consume several adult humans in one surly snap.
The massive reptile will begin the journey to his new home in Coolum this weekend and is expected to arrive by the end of April.
The Deinosuchus, whose name translates as ‘terrible crocodile’, was one of the biggest prehistoric crocodiles that ever lived. Apart from its sheer size, the Deinosuchus is very similar to today’s crocodiles, illustrating how little evolution has taken place in the species over millions of years.
Today’s saltwater crocodiles possess the strongest bite of any living animal with a maximum force of over 16,000 newtons. The bite force of the fearsome Deinosuchus is believed to have exceeded 18,000 newtons!
The first remains of a Deinosuchus were discovered in North Carolina in the 1850s, but fossils of the massive predator have been found in Mexico and ten US states, including Texas, Montana, and many along the east coast.
When the Palmer Coolum Resort dinosaur park opens to the public it will claim the title of the largest exhibit of its kind in the world with over 165 Jurassic beasts on display.