Cocoon your keys before you drink

A new road safety initiative was launched on the Sunshine Coast last week to further reduce the rate of drink driving and encourage positive choices.
The Key Cocoon is a new joint initiative of the Sunshine Coast Council, CALM Sunshine Coast and the Queensland Police Service.
The Key Cocoon is a simple idea: it is a clear plastic sealable bag with an anti-drink driving message printed on it. The bags will be provided for people to put their own, a friend’s, or family member’s car keys in and seal it up before they consume any drinks.
Inspector Darryl White from Maroochydore Police Station said the Key Cocoon creates one more barrier to prevent potential drink drivers driving by breaking the routine of getting into their vehicle, putting the keys in the ignition and driving off.
“With the Key Cocoon the individual has to make the decision to break open the bag to access their car keys prior to driving, and will have to think about the decision they are making,” Inspector White said.
Ten thousand Key Cocoon bags will be delivered to participating licensed premises throughout the Sunshine Coast to hand out to patrons and guests.
Sunshine Coast Council’s Executive Director of Community Services Coralie Nichols said the Queensland Police Service should be commended on the Key Cocoon initiative.
“This campaign will complement the success to date of the CALM Sunshine Coast liquor accord program of reducing alcohol related incidents in the region,” Ms Nichols said.

Think twice before unsealing your keys to drive

“The Key Cocoon will further encourage people to think about their actions, consider the safety of their friends and themselves and ultimately benefit the community as a whole.”
“Council proudly supports the work of the Queensland Police Service and wishes them every success with the campaign.”
“The Key Cocoon is a new concept for getting the drink driving message out to the public, and changing peoples’ behaviour around drinking and driving,” Officer in Charge of the Drug and Alcohol Coordination Unit, Inspector Munro said.
“The fact of the matter is, attempting to judge your blood alcohol concentration and ability to drive by how you feel after a few drinks, or a big night, is a mistake. That’s why we support the Key Cocoon: Do something before you have any drinks to remind yourself later about the risks and you’ll hopefully make the right choice. Leave your keys where they are, take them home still sealed in their cocoon and next time you unlock the bag, think about whether you should drive yet.”
“Every person processes alcohol at a different rate. Even a healthy liver can take an hour or more to break down, or metabolise, one standard drink. This is why your alcohol concentration may be high for many hours, even into the following day”.
“People are still caught driving over the limit, even though they thought they were probably safe to drive.”
“When it comes to drink driving the message still is, and always will be, don’t risk it! If you are going to drink alcohol – do not drive.” Inspector Munro said.