Coasts now connected in high spirits

Tamborine Mountain Distillery’s Michael Ward was used to fielding calls from people with improbable business propositions but soon realised this call from the Sunshine Coast was different.
What has since transpired is a significant milestone in the history of Australian distilling and a top quality world-first variant of the third-most globally consumed alcoholic beverage.
Cachaca is fast gaining favor among Australian consumers looking for a sophisticated alternative to traditional spirits with several imported brands now available. In Brazil, the best quality Cachacas are prized for their ability to retain the inherent sweet flavour and aroma of fresh cane juice and product quality is largely determined by sugar cane and juice quality at the start of the process.
Tambourine Mountain Distillery’s new offering brings a new level of quality in Sugar Cane Spirit.
“Its start material is the purest form of commercial cane juice available thanks to an innovative process from Resis Australia, company founder and managing director Sonya Maley said.
“We are now planning large scale juice production facilities to supply the food and beverage industries, but for now we’re very happy to supply TMD for its niche very high quality product.”
Resis has been awarded funding from the Federal Government’s Commercialisation Australia program early last year which recognises its potential to create significant new value for the Australian sugar industry.
Ms Maley said it was Troy’s dad who initially gave Resis “such wonderful support when we first started”.
“Sadly he passed away the day we commenced production at the pilot plant,” she said.
“We look forward to toasting him and his vision for a profitable cane industry on the coast.”