Coast Mum's clever invention "stops the drop"

For all those mums who adore their kids but can’t stand the mess that every meal time brings, an incredible new product has just hit the market designed to give mums back their time (there are better things to do than clean food off the floor three times a day) and their sanity (watching a baby pour their lunch over their head for the fifth time that week does lose its novelty value), whilst also promoting a child’s ability to feed themselves, creating a confident and healthy association with food.

Sarah Bell with the little inspirations behind the first of many Clever Mothers products.

It’s called plate sticka® and it does just that. Designed by Aussie mum-of-three, Sarah Bell of Clever Mothers, which specialises in creating clever products for savvy mums.  This little miracle worker sticks ANY plate or bowl, large or small, to ANY smooth surface, thus allowing mums the ability to r-e-l-a-x when feeding their kids, knowing they can leave their child’s meal on the table or highchair without fearing the dish will end up underneath it.
With plate sticka® there are no spills, no bowls on heads, no food on the floor. And what is more, plate sticka® can be used with the family’s very own tableware – meaning children get used to eating out of proper crockery from a young age, promoting excellent feeding habits, and removing the need to purchase expensive (and often garish) plastic plates and bowls.
Sarah describes the response to the new product as, “Awesome! I have Queensland and National papers very interested! I have been approached by a number of mother/parenting sites who want to talk about it so its quite fantastic, I’m  struggling to keep up, there’s certainly not enough hours in a day!”
“I am getting enquiries from all over Australia, and many enquiries from NZ and lots of hits on the website from the USA,” Sarah continued.
Portable and small, it can also be thrown into a handbag for the times when a family might want to eat out. Dining in a restaurant? No problem with plate sticka®. It can even keep the paint pot still when kids are working on arts and crafts, or can assist with baking by securing the mixing bowl to the kitchen workbench, allowing the littlies to stir to their hearts’ content. The possibilities are endless.
Reusable, dishwasher safe and made of clear BPA-free plastic, plate sticka® is turning out to be one of the favourite new breakthrough products of the year.
plate sticka® can be ordered online at for just $12.95 each, making it the most economical, yet most effective way to help teach kids how to feed themselves.
Clever Mothers is a business that is bringing clever, innovative and good value for money products to Mums/Dads and families to make their lives a little easier….leaving more time for stuff we’d all rather be doing!