Coast Grammar students make the grade

Zak Brown from Sunshine Coast Grammar scores an OP 1

Zak Brown from Sunshine Coast Grammar scores an OP 1
Zak Brown from Sunshine Coast Grammar scores an OP 1

A time of great anticipation for thousands of school-leavers with OP (overall position) results released this week, but for seven students from Sunshine Coast Grammar School the excitement of achieving an OP1, the pinnacle of academic success, was overwhelming.
The realisation of hard work and commitment has finally paid off for these students as the journey they once only dreamed of is now about to become a reality, which for many of these young men and women is going on to pursue their passion in medicine, actuary, performing arts, physiotherapy as well as teaching.
However, it is not only these seven OP1 students that have reason to celebrate, with over 28 per cent of students from Sunshine Coast Grammar School achieving an OP1-5.
Principal at Sunshine Coast Grammar School, Mrs Maria Woods is very pleased with the results achieved stating that the hard work, commitment and positive attitude these students have displayed towards their studies have certainly been rewarded.
“We are incredibly proud of our Year 12 cohort and congratulate them on their outstanding achievements with more than 84 per cent of students scoring in the OP1-15 range,” said Mrs Woods.
“Our goal has been to encourage, challenge and nurture students so that they can pursue their dreams beyond school.”
The schools’ teaching and management staff are just as excited, sharing in and celebrating the students’ success whether they taught them in Grade 1, coached them in the 1st XV or guided them through their final years of schooling.
“Success comes in many forms and as a School it is our goal for every graduating Year 12 student to be working or studying towards a career that not only values their talents, but for which they also have a real passion and purpose,” said Mrs Woods.
“We encourage each and every student to go confidently in the direction of their dreams, to work hard and to uncover their full potential in the next phase of their unique journey,” said Mrs Woods.