Coalition asks, Where are the mobile phone black spots?

16 August, 2013
Author: Charles Hodgson

The Coalition will improve mobile phone coverage in regional areas such as the Blackall Range and Glasshouse Country by investing $100 million in base stations and other infrastructure, says LNP Candidate for Fisher Mal Brough.
“Regional and remote communities have been left behind when it comes to reliable mobile phone coverage,” says Brough.
“I will be working with local councils, emergency services as well as residents to identify priority black spots where we can apply for funding to improve local mobile phone coverage.
“All too often, phone coverage drops out because there hasn’t been sufficient investment in local telecommunications infrastructure.
“Our policy to fix black spots will see us partner with local communities, state governments and telecommunications companies to ensure an even greater investment in regional communications than our $100 million commitment.
“We are providing a real solution to an issue faced by many Fisher residents every day.
Mr Brough says the policy to fix mobile phone black spots will

  1. Provide $80 million for a Mobile Network Expansion Program that will improve mobile phone coverage along major transport routes, in small communities and in locations prone to experiencing natural disasters.
  2. Provide $20 million for a mobile black spot programme that will address unique mobile coverage problems, such as locations with high seasonal demand.
  3. Ensure the NBN, makes its infrastructure available to mobile phone carriers where this can contribute to improved coverage.
    “We can’t undo years of neglect overnight, but this $100 million will go far to eliminate hundreds of black spots across Australia. Importantly, it will also act as a springboard for further investment by local communities and from telecommunication companies in regional telecommunications infrastructure.
    “We all know we live in a big country – but should never be an excuse for not improving regional mobile phone networks.
    “The last Coalition government made regional communications a national priority. Unfortunately, Kevin Rudd abolished the Coalition’s $2.4 billion fund to upgrade communications in rural, regional and remote parts of Australia.
    Mr Brough said the Coalition’s $100 million policy to fix black spots and improve mobile phone coverage was part of the Real Solutions Plan to build a stronger Australia and a better future – for all Australians.