Clive Palmer's five point plan for the Sunshine Coast

Federal leader of the Palmer United Party and candidate for Fairfax, Clive Palmer, today unveiled his five point plan for a stronger Sunshine Coast.
Mr Palmer said he would deliver turbo-charged tourism, an international airport, a stronger jobs pathway, hospitals which remained in the hands of the people and a complete overhaul of rail and road infrastructure if successful at the September 7 election.
“The major political parties for the last 50 years have taken the Sunshine Coast for granted and it is time for change,’’ Mr Palmer said
“Due to complacency, roads have deteriorated, infrastructure has not kept pace and tourism had been abandoned by both Federal and State governments.
“On top of this our leaders are prepared to flog off state-owned assets such as hospitals to the highest bidder, and far too many of our young people are forced to leave the area due to poor employment prospects.
“The Palmer United Party aims to turn these trends around with common sense policies that put the people of the Sunshine Coast first for once,’’ he said
Mr Palmer said he would “turbo-charge” Sunshine Coast tourism by removing roadblocks and red tape for sensible and sustainable projects that can bring wide- ranging benefits to the region.
He also plans to upgrade the Sunshine Coast Airport to international standards to attract more visitors.
“Under the Palmer United Party, the airport will receive a significant $400 million upgrade to bring it to international standards.
“The backbone of the Sunshine Coast economy is business and tourism and we cannot compete without the proper levels of infrastructure in place,’’ he said.
The Palmer United Party will also invest heavily in better rail facilities and timetabling to end the nightmare currently faced by commuters, as well as launch a major roads upgrade with the Bruce Highway and roads between Nambour and coastal towns taking top priority.
To stop the exodus of knowledge and skills from the region, Mr Palmer will pledge $5 million per annum to develop a jobs pathway between the University of the Sunshine Coast and local industry.
Mr Palmer said the Palmer United Party was also strongly opposed the LNP’s sell off of Queensland’s public health system.
“Hospitals should be about patients, not profits,’’ he said.
“For public accountability and responsibility it is essential that Sunshine Coast residents continue to have access to government-run hospitals.
“The Palmer United Party will fight to defend a strong public health system that is
accessible by all,’’ Mr Palmer said.