Clive Palmer announces PUP candidate for Maroochydore

27 October, 2014
Author: Charles Hodgson

Excerpts from Clive Palmer’s media conference today where he seen speaking here about: Having the required 500 members in his party, announcing the PUP candidate for Maroochydore James McDonald, the policy priorities for Maroochydore and the Sunshine Coast and Mr Palmer’s thoughts on the Sekisui House development.
The media release from the Palmer United Party announcing James McDonald’s candidacy.
The Palmer United Party has announced James McDonald has been endorsed as the candidate for the Sunshine Coast seat of Maroochydore for the next Queensland state election.
James McDonald has extensive international business experience and has been involved in many high profile mergers and acquisitions.
Mr McDonald said he moved to the Sunshine Coast two years ago when he returned from working overseas and is looking forward to standing as the party’s candidate for Maroochydore against incumbent Liberal MP and Speaker of the House, Fiona Simpson.
“Ms Simpson has been the member for Maroochydore since 1992 yet she does not stand up for her constituents or her electorate,” Mr McDonald said.
“I believe she is more interested in the perks of being the Speaker than she is being the Member for Maroochydore.
“As the Palmer United Party candidate for Maroochydore, I am committed to representing and standing up for the people of the electorate and the Sunshine Coast, just as the party has done at the federal level.”
Mr McDonald said the current Queensland government is more focused on selling or leasing our state’s assets than they are in improving the Sunshine Coast’s economy.
“The people of the Sunshine Coast don’t want to see their schools or hospitals sold or leased, they want to know that the government is doing all they can to support local industries and create employment opportunities,” he said.