Cleantech businesses says Coast is leading the way

Tony Innes and Adrian-Just

Tony Innes and Adrian-Just
Tony Innes and Adrian-Just

Only a few short weeks ago the Sunshine Coast Council identified Cleantech Industries as one of the region’s nominated seven high value industry sectors in its Economic Development Strategy so it is fitting that one of the Coast’s newest residents is contributing to this growing market.
Tony Innes of Sustainable Directions says he was attracted to the Sunshine Coast because of the supportive Council and the lifestyle which supports his business ethos and because of easy access to the local airport.
“It was important for me to choose a location where the cleantech industry was recognised for its immense potential and where the local council was supportive of nurturing and attracting businesses within this field,” said Mr Innes, whose Coolum-based company offers sustainability training and helps businesses achieve environmental credentials.
“We spent a great deal of time scouring the East Coast for a suitable base after establishing the business in South Australia, and we were very impressed by both Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast and the local government support which was evident on the Sunshine Coast.”
Adrian Just, President of the Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast and Coolum architect, said that Mr Innes’ relocation to the Coast indicated that the Council has picked a winner by nominating Cleantech Industries as a growth area.
“We are delighted to welcome Sustainable Directions as a new member.  If we can continue to attract businesses of this caliber to the region it is an investment for our future, and positive for the Sunshine Coast business community as a whole,’ Mr Just said.
“There are many success stories of Australian cleantech products going ballistic in overseas markets.”
Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast is keen to invite further cleantech businesses to the Sunshine Coast and is forming alliances with over 20 other industry associations and groups to strengthen the green credentials of all businesses.
“Nearly every business sector uses clean technologies on a daily basis. This benefits the business’s bottom line through efficiencies, marketing, regulatory compliance and advocacy,’ Mr Just said.
The Cleantech industries sector is currently valued on the listed exchanges at over B$500, and with a 15% annual increase.
Both Mr Just and Mr Innes joined Sunshine Coast Mayor, Mark Jamieson in addressing the Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce networking event last week, further strengthening the links between the cleantech group and other Sunshine Coast business networks.