Chinese Checkers

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maroochy river resort bungalows_logoThat is the way business is done across the world. It is always one persons move, then the next persons move. It is that simple.
The Owners of Maroochy River Resort & Bungalows are no stranger to business the Asian way and are making the first move to put their accommodation complex on the radar of visitors from China.
Following the lead of Australia’s richest Man & owner of the 5 star resort Hyatt Coolum Clive Palmer, the owners of the Maroochydore 3 star holiday resort are keen to attract Chinese visitors who travel to the region on a more conservative budget.
Working closely with well known local English Education providers, SEA English Academy and ConnectRelocate, Maroochy River Resort & Bungalows offer a central accommodation base in a community environment for study groups to the region. Unlike home stay accommodation the fully self contained private cabins of Maroochy River Resort & Bungalows allow a high level of social interaction with locals yet a strong sense of independence for group participants. Of course, English is not the only subject that is of interest to the Chinese travellers, with industry, golf, gold and general education all high on the list.
The individual cabins are ideal small investments for overseas based families as the 99 year leases are exempt from Australian Foreign Investment Review Board approval requirements. This provides overseas families with a sound Queensland investment with good returns and gives them a sense of ownership and personal interest in the region for less than AUD$100,000.
Having previously lived in Asia for many years, and studied at the Overseas Education College at the Xiamen University, Fujian Provence in Southern China, Kim Morgan the Managing Director of Maroochy River Resort & Bungalows is keen to improve relations between the two Sister Cities of Maroochydore and Xiamen. She will join a Council delegation led by Councillor McKay to Xiamen China next week to help spread the word about the attractions and offerings of Queenslands beautiful Sunshine Coast.