Caloundra the "Kings of Clean"

Bulcock Beach Caloundra
Bulcock Beach Caloundra

It may have been more than a month since Caloundra was crowned Queensland’s tidiest town but news of achievement continues to spread.
Every day, thousands of people throughout Queensland are seeing reminders of Caloundra’s title posted on billboards beside major highways. Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer said it was a fantastic way to showcase Caloundra.
“Over the past few weeks Caloundra’s mantle as Queensland Tidy Towns winner for 2011 has been posted on billboards beside the Bruce Highway near Innisfail and Ayr in north of the state,” he said.
“More than 13,000 vehicles are estimated to pass these billboards every day so that adds to great exposure and promotion of Caloundra as a terrific place to come and see.
Cr Dwyer said the “Kings of Clean” billboards were set to appear throughout Queensland over the next 12 months.
“The two signs will be moved around to all corners of the state between now and next October and millions of motorists are going to see a wonderful photo of Caloundra along with its title of Queensland’s Tidiest Town,” he said.
“It’s deserved recognition for the local people of Caloundra who played a huge part in helping their town receive its title and hopefully it will be a shot in the arm for tourism and local businesses.”
Caloundra will also have it’s own “Kings of Clean” billboard put in place locally during the coming weeks.