Caloundra South thinking needs to be beyond shops, McArdle

Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle

Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle has raised concerns over the perception that the future Caloundra South development could become a shoppers paradise, stating if that’s the extent of its value, then it will be a disaster.
Mr McArdle has spoken out in light of community feedback and the growing opinion that Caloundra South would be a thriving shopping hub.
“This concerns me and highlights the necessity to move quickly to determine what we want Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast to be,” Mr McArdle said.
“If we intend to continue to build the Coast as merely a shopper’s haven, then we have failed to perform what we need, and failed to develop the Coast properly.”
Mr McArdle said he loved how the Coast looked and felt, but claimed that would not put people in homes and jobs, or keep young people in the area.
“It is no longer a question of if we should review our economic direction, it is a matter of necessity,” Mr McArdle said.
“Caloundra South is an opportunity that could develop into untold opportunities. However, if our focus is nothing more than being a shopping mecca, then we have lost the battle.
“Our goal is not to become a shopping mecca, our goal is to become an economic, diverse economy, providing long-term benefits for those who come after us.”