Caloundra Road Action Group demand action

State Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle today praised the Caloundra Road Action Group for standing up for their rights and demanding that Stockland ensure Old Caloundra Road is not closed.
“There are about 170 households that will be impacted when Old Caloundra Road intersection is blocked forcing people down into Bellvista Boulevard creating more congestion on the street.”
“Caloundra Road Action Group are demanding Stockland come to the party as they are the big winners with the development in Bellvista II and Caloundra South but are not prepared to assist local residents who have been there for years to achieve a proper outcome.”
Tony Goldsmith, Chairman of the Group said “What we want is for Stockland to come to the party and understand that what they are doing is affecting our lives. We don’t want to create more traffic on Bellvista Boulevard which is already saturated with motor vehicles.”
“This situation is only going to get worse with construction of Bellvista II starting and Caloundra South in the foreseeable future.”
“What we need is another access route to Caloundra Road to ensure we are able to enter and access our homes without travelling kilometres out of our way.”
“It is time Stockland understood it can’t push the little people around.”
Property owner Tim Frodsham said “Now’s the time for people to stand up for their rights. Stockland may be making millions of dollars out of their development but they are not putting anything back to the people they affect on a local basis.”
“We need them to understand that they are impacting on our lives and those of our families. We want them to take action to protect our rights and not just be driven by the dollars.”
“We are demanding that Stockland come to the party and understand their actions are not those of a good community citizen.”
Mr McArdle concluded by saying “the Action Group has a valid case. Stockland are there making the money, they should now be pouring money back into local community and not blocking residents access to Caloundra Road.”


  1. Myself & my wife only moved here just over 2 years ago as we thought this would be the ideal place to retire to.
    We were under the impression that a new road was going to be built to service all the new houses.
    Alas it seems that we were miss informed and Stocklands are being really arrogant about this and won’t to come to the party.
    I would like to know what will happen if (heaven forbid) there is a fire or flood here do they expect us to burn or drown, I tried to get out of Belvista the other day and it took me 20 mins just untill I could see the Blvd so I went home again, But in an emergency I don’t not what would happen.
    I wish you well with your fight I for one would love to see a new road so that I can get out if I have to..
    Regards B. Tucker

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