Caloundra Men’s Shed begins new chapter of certainty and growth following Morrison Government grant

Caloundra Men’s Shed begins new chapter of certainty and growth following Morrison Government grant
Andrew Wallace MP with Caloundra Men’s Shed President Phillip Ashby, Mark McArdle MP, Cr Terry Landsberg (Div. 2), LNP candidate for Caloundra Stuart Coward and members of the Caloundra Men’s Shed at the existing site.

Caloundra Men’s Shed took a major step forward today as construction got underway on its permanent and larger new home. Federal Member for Fisher Andrew Wallace joined members of the Men’s Shed this morning to turn the first sod on construction of the Federally funded new facility.

Mr Wallace said that construction of the new shed is being made possible by a Morrison Government grant of $239,000, promised at the 2019 Federal election.

“During this COVID crisis we have all learnt a lot about social isolation, but sadly for some older people in our community it is a part of their every day experience. There are more than 28,000 men aged between 50 and 80 years in the Caloundra District and for those who are living with social isolation Caloundra Men’s Shed offers friendship, a sense of purpose and a place for them to belong and contribute. Even before COVID-19, members told me that without the companionship and purpose the Shed provides, some of them believe that they would not be alive today.” Mr Wallace said.

“However, for years Caloundra Men’s Shed has faced uncertainty and severe limits to the number of members they could accommodate because of a small shed and short-term leases. Today is the beginning of a new chapter for the Caloundra Men’s Shed, with a permanent home and room to grow.” he said.

The new 475m2 building on Grigor Street in Moffat Beach will allow the Men’s Shed to increase its membership by 30% and to offer permanent facilities for both wood and metal working, as well as a paint shop. a forge, and social spaces.

Phillip Ashby, President of the Caloundra Men’s Shed said “We have been squatting here virtually because we had no long term land tenure. Now, with Council’s generosity in making land available to us in Grigor street, and the Federal Government’s grant we will be able to build a permanent shed and expand the movement here in Caloundra.“

“We get constant enquiries from people wanting to join us but the current shed is limited in space. With the new shed it will allow us to expand the membership. We want to say thank you to Andrew Wallace and the Federal Government for this tremendous opportunity.” Mr Ashby said.

Mr Wallace said that this project would be a valuable boost for the Caloundra community.

“Funding for this project was a commitment I made in the 2019 Federal election and today the Government is delivering on that commitment. Though the project has been delayed by the necessary planning approval process, it could not have come at a more valuable time. As we face the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, this project is going to provide much needed work for local tradies, and help more local men to find a respite from the social isolation that has been more severe than ever through this difficult time.” he said.

Following lengthy negotiations with Sunshine Coast Council the Caloundra Men’s Shed Inc was granted a 3 year License on the Grigor St site which the Men’s Shed are confident will be converted into a 10 year lease.

NOTE: The following information on the block has been provided by Sunshine Coast Council.


  1. Building on a vulnerable creek edge, on zoned park land, a building of that size. No public consultation, no car parking, no development approvals sign on land. Thought all development and rezoning had to be public knowledge.

  2. Can I ask how this is all going ahead when there is no building application with council or building approval and it is on a Park and has had no community consultation or feedback….?? Really curious how this has happened?

  3. How is this happening? There is no building application with council & no building approval & on zoned park land with no car parking. Why don’t they need council planning approval & I thought all developement & rezoning had to be public knowledge

  4. I’ve asked the question, yet to be confirmed. “To the best of my knowledge, the new shed will be at 115-117 Grigor Street West, which is a large empty plot in the industrial area.” i.e. Not at the existing site.

    1. Which is zoned as a park and has been for 40 years.

  5. Is it a park or empty land being used as a park? Looks like the lots are marked on maps as lots, not parks. Let me ask some questions of council.

  6. Everyone should have to abide by the same legislation, it’s a community organisation so why wasn’t there community consultation? Did they get Council approval or not? Simple question. SCC different rules for the select few? Thought you represented Equality and Diversity, doesn’t look like there’s much of that here….

    1. Is this the little park? I thought it was for us workers in the industrial area and council were putting a bench / table on it ,
      What about the park on the other side of the creek ? And how can they build such a big building so close to the creeks edge? Obviously it was easier for council to give it away quietly! This is so unfair , everyday we lose another zoned parkland to progress (apparently). And under the table deals.

      1. Yeah the one opposite the dance school. God knows where they are going to park and play.

  7. Why are they able to build on a block of land in Grigor street zoned open green space /park land for the industrial estate without notifying the community getting council planning approval. Where are they going to park.

  8. What happened to the public consultation? With a potential site to accommodate that number of people accessing it, where will the parking area be?

    That area of Grigor Street is already completely full of cars parked on both sides of the road on a daily basis. Potential major traffic /parking issues if goes ahead.

  9. They are actually downsizing to build on the park and will not have the parking to support an already busy organization. Not sure how they can have new members when downsizing. ????

  10. Everything I have heard seems to have been no council application or approval and also apparently zoned as vacant park land? And has been for years, yet somehow a shed is being constructed there??? Something stinks!

  11. How can something like this go ahead without any community consultation or council approval?? Parking is already an issue in the area, so where do they think all their members will park??? It will choke the local businesses who are there trying to earn an honest living, and in these unprecedented times this will have a potential negative impact. Someone in council is profiting from this……

  12. Typical Council operating behind closed doors. Total transparency necessary!!

    Questions must be asked:

    1. Why erect a Men’s Shed (on park land) two streets away from the Caloundra Woodworking Club, which is identical in structure?

    2. Why erect a Mens Shed building on Park Land (which is very scarce in the industrial area) and is there for business employees to enjoy amongst all the concrete and industrial machinery surrounding the whole block?

    3. Of the “28,000 Men” in Caloundra, how many are actually champing at the bit to join, let alone drive to that area with very little parking?

    Please SCRC…have some Vision for the Caloundra area…it is expanding at a rapid rate so appropriate sites near the new developments out near the race course would be far more suitable and accessible. Men live everywhere!!

  13. I thought this was an open space zone that formed part of designated park area?

  14. Can’t believe the council have given away green space to put a shed of that size on. Where are all of those members and projected 30%increase of members going to park. Disgraceful.

  15. I sent a request to Sunshine Coast Council for clarification of the block and its use pursuant to Planning Scheme. Their response has been added as a note to the article above. Editor

    1. Under the act of building on a green space you must be inline with the existing street scape and tick of a large number of environmental rules. A building holding 30 members would also need at least 10 car parks. Did they disclose any information to you regarding these issues. Please help save our park. It’s designated green space for us workers in the industrial estate. Next to go will be the Wildlower reserve at the end of street.

    2. The only way their can be a building for community use on an open green space is if the organization is council run !!
      The Men’s shed is NOT a council run organization!!!
      Their is no documents to provide this “fact!” They are a community run organization. They even have their own incorporation number. Under the act of building on open green space their is a large number of environmental rules that must be followed and a building holding 30 members would also need at least 10 car parks . I bet neither parking or environment have been considered. All the small businesses trying to survive will have no parking. It’s election time … Please help save our park. It’s our designated green space for us workers in the industrial estate .

    3. This information needs to be shared with the community. Especially at election time. Our council has allot to answer for. They should put the men’s shed out in the Caloundra industrial estate where their is room to grow. They should know better themselves that they will not be helping the community or other businesses located on the little park at moffat beach. .

  16. P&E law at maroochydore were handling this matter and said it was totally illegal and could prove it. The public didn’t have the 50k required to have it stopped in the high court . It’s the only reason it’s going ahead.

    1. Omg the council should be fired !!!? Is their any lawyers that can take it on for free and stop it before it happens and Save our park. ??? The poor businesses struggling at a time like this don’t need to give up valuable car spaces or a cute little green space to another shed.

  17. Interesting to hear where the 30% more are going to park? In the creek?! Wrong SCC!

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