Caloundra Aerodrome’s future now on smarter footing

Following the state’s decision for Caloundra Aerodrome to stay in its current location, Sunshine Coast Council has today adopted the Caloundra Aerodrome Master Plan which will enshrine its future is safer, it is well-designed, and it provides certainty to onsite business operators, its neighbours and surrounding communities.
“Details of this master plan underwent widespread and substantial community consultation,” Economic Development (aviation) portfolio councillor, Stephen Robinson said.
“There are many stakeholders involved and it was essential we got this right.”
Cr Robinson said exhibition of the plan attracted 39 written submissions, with a further 200 people providing comment at information displays of the plan.
He said there were natural concerns given encroachment of future residential development upon the aerodrome – and growth is incorporated into the plan.
“It is incumbent upon those making land use decisions around the aerodrome to ensure they have properly considered the impact of current and future operations,” he said.
Divisional councillor Rick Baberowski said while many aspects of the plan were technical improvements to help the aerodrome’s efficient functioning, a particular highlight well-supported by the community was the proposed expansion of the Caloundra Air Museum’s premises.
“The museum has always suffered from a lack of space to grow and with one of the nation’s former frontline F-111 fighter jets arriving for permanent display, the timing of this could not be better.” he said.
“The museum will also get a better frontage to the main (Caloundra) road as a result.”
Cr Baberowski said council and the museum would need to work with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines and the community to progress the expansion proposal.
The implementation of Stage 1 of the Master Plan is estimated to have a cost of slightly more than $6 million. A business case will be prepared for each element of Stage 1 prior to any work proceeding.