Brough spruiks a Sunshine Coast holiday to colleagues

In an unabashed advertisement for the Sunshine Coast, Federal Member for Fisher Mal Brough is encouraging his colleagues and the nation to come for a Sunshine Coast holiday this Christmas.
Mr Brough is using every opportunity and forum to Mal to promote the Sunshine Coast.
“I warn the ABC before I start that this will be an unabashed advertisement for the Sunshine Coast. They may want to consider whether they wish to broadcast this because I know they do not like advertising third parties. We are 21 days, three weeks, from Christmas Day. I stand here today to convince members of parliament, staff and anyone else listening that the Sunshine Coast is the place to be. There are a lot of things about the Sunshine Coast that people know—like Mooloolaba Beach and Alexandra Headland—but there are so many things that they do not know.
How many of the 150 members in this place can boast that they have a location in their electorate that has actually made the list of 1,001 places to visit before you die? It is actually on the bucket list. We have the extraordinarily exquisite location known as Secrets on the Lake. It is the most magical, enchanting place that has been carved out by a loving family. They have created a special, serene place. I encourage everyone to look at their website and take the time to visit the village of Montville in the wonderful Blackall Range and take time to have a look at Secrets on the Lake.
It is one of the many attributes that the Sunshine Coast has that attracts day trippers and people from Sydney, Melbourne and even overseas. You can go to Maleny and Montville and look at the historical Glass House Mountains, as James Cook did from the water. As he looked up at them more than 200 years ago, he was reminded of places far away. You can walk through riparian rainforests, take delightful walks or sit at some of the best small wineries and eateries in the country. There are art galleries aplenty. There is also the Landsborough Historical Society—and that is before we hit the beaches. Alexandra Headland, Mooloolaba, Kawana Waters, Dicky Beach, metropolitan Caloundra and Ithaca surf lifesaving clubs will make sure you are safe on our pristine, family beaches. They are places where you and your family can have lifetime memories. When you come to the Sunshine Coast you can enjoy the hinterland, enjoy the pristine air and enjoy the friendliness of our society. When you are there you know you can be safe.
I want to finish by recounting a quick story. I was at the beach at Alexandra Headland the other day and I saw a scene unfold that most did not see. There was a man in trouble in the water. The volunteer surf-lifesavers went out and rescued the man. I saw him get his towel and wander back to his wife somewhat exhausted and somewhat relieved but knowing that this was going to be a memorable holiday for all the right reasons, because of the special people of the surf-lifesaving club. Members of parliament, there is no better place for your relaxation time as you lead in to Christmas.
Come and join us on the Sunshine Coast.”