Brough last on Slipper's how to vote

Peter Slipper Federal Member for Fisher

Peter Slipper Member for Fisher
Peter Slipper Member for Fisher

It may come as no surprise that Federal Member for Fisher, Peter Slipper has decided to place Mal Brough at the bottom of his how to vote card.
Mr Slipper has announced his interim how to vote card for the September 7 Federal election.
“While intermediate preferences may change depending on where I’m placed on other tickets, I have decided who will receive the last preference on my how to vote card.”
“In arriving at this decision I have considered carefully the suitability of the various candidates for election to the Federal Parliament”.
“I have decided to place Mal Brough at the bottom of my how to vote card” said Mr Slipper.
“I have known Mr Brough for many years and have not been impressed with what I observed. When Member for Longman he suffered the biggest swing of any Liberal Member at the 2007 poll and in the view of many people was not an effective local member”.
Mr Brough sought to strut the national stage and many of his constituents complained to me they couldn’t get an appointment with him. Added to this he branch stacked in Fisher by signing up large numbers of people as members to vote for him at a pre-selection and effectively forced me out of the LNP after decades of membership.
Also adverse findings against Mr Brough have been made by Justice Rares in the Federal Court when he threw out the Ashby case, in which Mr Brough was deeply involved, as an “abuse of process”.
I note Mr Brough unlike some others adversely mentioned by the Judge did not seek leave to appeal the adverse findings against him by the Court.
While I hope my preferences will not be counted, I urge all Fisher voters to give Mal Brough their last preference on their ballot papers.