Brightwater mums Rose Memorial returned.

Shaya and her returned Rose Memorial
Shaya and her returned Rose Memorial

When Shaya Stewart and her husband had to farewell their tiny little baby at just 12 weeks gestation they chose a beautiful and lasting memorial. Placing the tiny miscarried baby into a pot plant with a beautiful pink rose.  The rose has pride of place at the entrance to their house.
However sometime between 12pm Saturday June 7 and 1pm Monday June 9 someone took it upon themselves to take their rose off the front of their Brightwater house, not only removing a great rose but taking the final resting place of their little babe.
“We lost that little one far too early for pictures (we have a couple of scans) but she was big enough to put in under the rose. It’s all we had to show for that little part of our family and be able to share with others. It’s just sad that people do selfish stupid things without considering what that “just a pot plant” might actually mean to someone. We can get a new pot and a new rose but we can never get back that connection to it like the one we placed that teeny tiny little person into.” Said Shaya
Shaya took to social media last night asking for help to locate her baby memorial, after contacting Sunny Coast Kids for help we had 567 shares and offers for help. The local Sunshine Coast community banded together to do their best to help bring home this beautiful memorial.
Fortunately this morning while on her morning walk Shaya discovered her Memorial Rose and brought it home safely. Only missing the small rock that had their little bubs name and dates written on it. Luckily this was made by the uncle and can be recreated.
It is thought that some holiday makers on their way home from the pub decided to take the rose, and perhaps our social media sharing convinced the thief to reconsider their decision.
Shaya would like to thank everyone who shared and kept a watch out for her memorial. She is overwhelmed by the response from the Sunny Coast Community.
So congratulations Sunny Coast on a job well done.