Blumel urges, get enrolled now

Mayoral Candidate, Cr Debbie Blumel

Cr Debbie Blumel, candidate for Sunshine Coast Mayor, today urged residents of the Sunshine Coast to make sure their enrolment is up-to-date for the upcoming local government election due in March.
“The Local Government rolls close on 31 January,” said Cr Blumel. “So residents only have two weeks to get enrolled or risk missing out on this important election.”
“Local councils are the level of government closest to the people and it is essential that everyone has a say in who is elected to Council.”
Cr Blumel reminded everyone that voting is compulsory for all adults over 18.
“You will get two votes – one for Mayor and one for your local divisional councillor.”
Cr Blumel urged all young people to get involved.  It has been 17 months since the last election (federal) and many young people will be voting for the first time.
“It’s easy to get on the roll,” said Cr Blumel.  “All you need is your driver’s licence and you can enrol on-line at or call your local AEC office on 13 23 26.”
“You only need to enrol once to be able to vote in all local, state and federal elections.”
This will be the first election under the new Local Government Electoral Act (2011) and residents will now be able to vote at any booth inside the Sunshine Coast Regional Council area.  If residents plan to be away from the Sunshine Coast on election day, they can arrange for a pre-poll or postal vote.
The local government election is due to be held on Saturday 31 March.