Bleijie urges delay on Palmview to Kawana Greenlink

Member for Kawana - Jarrod Bleijie

Council’s Decision on the final route for the Palmview to Kawana Greenlink project should be deferred until after the upcoming state and local government elections have taken place.
That’s the view of Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie.
Mr Bleijie hosted a community forum in Kawana Forest last year (December) to discuss the project with local residents.
“What was clear is that there is still a lot of uncertainty and many varied opinions on the proposed Greenlink,” Mr Bleijie said.
“There is no consensus on a preferred route.
“Further consultation with the community should be sought.
“With state and local government elections set for March and April, it would be premature of this current Council to make a decision in its last days before caretaker mode.
“The Council division where the Greenlink will be primarily located will also have a new representative as Cr Grosskreutz has announced her retirement.
“I have written to each Councillor, the Mayor and CEO with my concerns on the timeline for approving the location of the Greenlink.
“Now is not the right time to make the final decision on this project,” Mr Bleijie said.