Be a responsible dog owner these school holidays

cats-and-dogsThese school holidays, as well as being a responsible parent, you can avoid a common holiday financial and emotional burden by also being a responsible dog owner.
Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said unfortunately holiday time routinely goes hand-in-hand with an increase in dog related complaints and incidents reported to Sunshine Coast Council.
“School holidays often involves friends and relatives coming and going, time off work, young kids at home and lots of other distractions – all of which can and do lead to an increase in stray or unrestrained dogs in public spaces,” Cr McKay said.
“This consistently results in a rise in the number of dogs being hit by cars, involved in dog attacks, being impounded and dogs causing a nuisance to other residents.”
Cr McKay said dog owners need to take personal responsibility for their dogs first and foremost.
“Your dog equals your responsibility – this is the message that dog owners need to take heed of to avoid the financial and psychological heartache and stress that may occur if they allow their dog to stray or be a nuisance,” she said.
“While your pets may be well behaved at home, when in public they may cause a nuisance to others and unfortunately they may also be a danger to other animals or put themselves at risk.
“Keep your pet safe by ensuring dogs are always on a leash in a public place and under supervision when in off leash areas.
“They cannot roam the streets. Properties must have adequate fencing or an enclosure to prevent your pet escaping.
“If residents do experience or witness dogs acting aggressively towards people or animals please contact council as soon as possible on 5475 7272 and include as much information as you can to help identify any offender.”
For further information about responsible dog ownership including tips and advice, visit council’swebsite, contact Customer Contact or pick up a responsible dog ownership brochure from a council Customer Contact Centre.