Bad Neighbours – It's not for everyone

It’s your worst nightmare. You have purchased your dream house in a quite street, into which you bring your new baby, intent on settling in to live life quietly when new neighbours move in and dismantle your perfect world.
So what do you do when you get “bad neighbours”.
This is the situation when Seth Rogen (Mac) and Rose Byrne (Mac’s wife Kelly) find that a frat house is moving in next door, headed by fraternity president Zac Efron (Teddy) intent on creating a legend for partying and not for academic achievement.
Knowing the frat house reputation, Mac and Kelly propose a “show them we’re cool” strategy in an attempt to keep their neighbours considerate. Being cool though draws them back into the world of college student partying. The move ultimately backfires with an ever escalating tit for tat war ensuing that’s just not going to end well.
The fraternity house culture is probably something that’s a bit foreign in this country but most of us have seen enough movies based upon the lives of college students in the US to understand what’s going on.
This movie is entertaining, plenty of laughs however does rely heavily on pot smoking, binge drinking and misogynist themes to generate its laughs. The humour will resonate along the lines of the movies protagonists of university students and adults with young families.
I don’t expect to see a long line at the cinema on pension day.