Australia Zoo's Africa turn three and three baby giraffes debut

Australia Zoo Keeper Olivia Degn shows how up close and personal you can get on an Africa Giraffe Encounter

Today Australia Zoo celebrated two special milestones – the 3rd birthday of Australia Zoo’s African Savannah, and the announcement of three giraffe babies now on display!
Brand new giraffe babies Tulip and Lily took their “first steps” on the Savannah this week, joining their one-year-old half-sister Skye and the rest of the ever-growing giraffe family on display in Africa.
The adorable giraffe calves’ debut comes just in time to kick-start Spring school holidays at Australia Zoo, with guests invited to come catch the first glimpse of Tulip and Lily. The babies aged two and one month respectively are testament to a successful breeding program, making it three giraffe babies in three years on our Savannah!
Australia Zoo keeper Olivia Degn said that Tulip and Lily were settling in well to the Australia Zoo giraffe family, and proving to be great friends.
“Tulip and Lily never stray too far from each other, with Lily a little more outgoing than her half-sister, who is often seen following closely behind her here on the Savannah!  They really do bring out the best in each other,” Ms Degn said.
“They are interacting well with the other giraffe including their one year-old half-sister Skye, and we’re so thrilled to finally be able to share them with our guests these school holidays” she said.
In 2011, Australia Zoo announced the opening of a multi-species Africa exhibit where guests could enjoy animals interacting as they would in the wild. Today, Australia Zoo’s African Savannah is home to an ever-growing giraffe family of seven including Tulip and Lily, along with a herd of White Rhino and zebra.
“We’re so excited that Tulip and Lily are making their public debut on such a special day as Africa’s 3rd birthday,” Ms Degn said.
“Australia Zoo’s African Savannah was Steve Irwin’s dream, and three years ago, the Irwin family fulfilled that dream.
“It’s so special to be celebrating both of these milestones today,” she added.
The giraffe babies will now call the African Savannah home, with guests invited to come see them these school holidays. People can also meet their parents in the Giant Giraffe Encounter held daily, with the opportunity to get eye-level with these beautiful animals – and get a great view of the babies in the process! Proceeds from these encounters go directly to conservation programs on the ground in Africa.
Spring school holidays also include performances from Bindi and the Jungle Girls live in the Crocoseum daily from September 20 – October 2, before Terri, Bindi and Robert feed the crocs in the Wildlife Warriors show. For more information on all the holiday fun happening at Australia Zoo, head to