Australia Zoo & Unitywater Join to Get Back to Tap

(Video credit – Unity Water – Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital)
[Video]Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital has joined forces with Unitywater to reduce plastic bottle waste in Australian waterways.
The “Get Back to Tap” campaign encourages primary school children to drink tap water rather than water from plastic bottles in order to protect turtles from plastic pollution, with a range of fantastic prizes to win.
With disposable plastic bottle waste becoming increasingly problematic for turtles, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is hopeful the campaign might help control the issue.

Unitywater CEO George Theo with Australia Zoo's  Terri Irwin
Unitywater CEO George Theo with Australia Zoo’s Terri Irwin

Terri Irwin proudly supports the campaign and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital’s ongoing work in treating sick and injured sea turtles.
“University of Queensland research shows that up to 30 per cent of all sea turtle deaths in local waters are caused by plastic waste,” Mrs Irwin said.
Between 2007 and 2010, Healthy Waterways recorded a 50 per cent increase in plastic water bottle waste in south-east Queensland waterways.
Unitywater CEO George Theo said that the campaign would see students help reduce waste and support the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital turtle rehabilitation program, while also saving money.
“Unitywater tap water is packaging-free and litter-free, and costs less than 1c per 600mL compared to around $3.00 for the same amount of bottled water. It’s good for the environment and much more affordable than bottled water,” Mr Theo said.
All Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay primary school students can participate in the campaign by pledging to drink tap water in place of buying bottled water for the month of July. By having family and friends sponsor their efforts, the students will raise funds for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. 
Primary schools have the chance to win an in-school visit from Terri and Bindi Irwin, while the top fundraising student will win the chance to take a tour of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital with the Irwin family themselves – as well as an annual pass for a family of four.
Go to for more information on how primary school students can pledge and win!
Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay residents can also pledge their support on Facebook to win the chance to release a rehabilitated turtle into the wild with the Australia Zoo Wildlife Rescue team. For further information, go to: