Australia Zoo tiger pregnant again

30 July, 2013
Author: Charles Hodgson

[Video] Australia Zoo announced today that Kaitlyn the Sumatran tiger is pregnant again. A litter of a litter of three cubs is expected to be born at the Zoo next month.
Kaitlyn’s first litter was sadly lost in the early stages of her pregnancy in April this year.
According to Australia Zoo’s head tiger supervisor, Giles Clark, the anticipation of new cubs has been building since Ramalon, the cubs’ 18-year-old father, showed positive fertility results last year.
The gestational period for a Sumatran tiger is approximately 110 days, and the crew is expecting the pitter-patter and pounce of tiny paws in late August.
Kaitlyn is considered one of the most genetically valuable individuals in the world, as she was born to a wild mother and captive father. With less than 500 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, the pregnancy is a significant win for the future of the species.
“Not only will these cubs ensure the survival of the species in captivity, but they will also provide genetic diversity among captive tiger populations. Kaitlyn’s wild bloodline is an important factor,” said Giles.
Visitors to Australia Zoo will have an opportunity to see the cubs later in the year.
“The best way to keep up to date with news on the tiger cubs is on Australia Zoo’s Facebook page,” Giles said.
The new cubs will also play an important role acting as ambassadors for their wild cousins.
“It takes just $5 to save a tiger in the wild for one day. Over the past decade, visitors to the Zoo have helped raise $1.3 million to support our tiger conservation projects around the world.”
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