Stolen Macaw recovered

Ari the Macaw

On 24th May, Sarah from Nambour was disturbed by barking dogs around 3am. Upon waking at 5am, Sarah noticed her bird cage had moved and door hand been jimmied open and a tool left on the ground.   The cage was empty, her bird, a macaw, was gone.

The macaw is a male blue green macaw named ‘Ari’. Sarah had purchased the Ari $3500.

Enquiries by Sunshine Coast Detectives from the Property Crime Task Force resulted in one 44yr old Nambour man being charged on 10 June, however this male provided no assistance as to what became of the stolen bird.

This male was charged with a number of other offences also and was bailed to appear at Maroochydore Magistrates Court on 10 August.

Further enquires by detectives resulted in them travelling to a Woodridge address this morning accompanied by the owner who met police identifying her bird and took possession of the bird.

Police have further enquiries in relation to another male who had apparently had possession of the bird and had sold it onto unsuspecting persons who have cooperated with police.

The good news is that Ari will be comfortably back in his own cage tonight.