Appeal for support, Maleny Christmas Carnival

maleny christmas carnival

maleny christmas carnivalWell Christmas is almost upon us again and as most would also know so is the ‘Maleny Christmas Street Festival’ (Friday 9th December 2011). Last year’s event was received with such appreciation and enthusiasm – we have been privileged by being given another ½ hour time slot on centre stage to present a Combined Christian Churches Christmas Carols Choir/Musical. What a great opportunity to reach out to our community with the joy and love of Christmas via song and music.
Those of us involved in helping organise this event thought it would be a good thing to make available again to the children (and adults) – Christmas gifts that would lift up their hearts and minds. We would like to give away balloons on sticks with a Christmas message printed on it, as well as a cold container of popper juice, packs potato chips, striped candy cane and other items. We very much appreciated the donations that came in last year and are appealing again to people for financial help to make this a reality again. (We are a non-profit group and appreciate any help.)
If you are able to help, please contact Graham Owens on 5494.3033 or 0458.77285 or Pst. Mark Green on 5478.5896 or 0413.180881. All donations will make this Christmas gift to our community a reality.
After the event a report on how the finances were used etc will be presented to the R.C.L.N. (Range Christian Leaders Network) and people who donated.
Thank you
God bless you all
(Graham F. Owens)