Annual report shows drop in crime rate

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North Coast Region Assistant Commissioner Graham Rynders welcomed today’s release of the 2010/11 Annual Statistical Review, which showed a four percent overall decrease in crime in the North Coast Region over the past year.
North Coast Region encompassed the six policing districts of Bundaberg, Gympie, Maryborough, Redcliffe, Sunshine Coast and Caboolture.
The Statistical Review and Annual Report presents a comprehensive insight into the level and nature of crime reported for each police region and district throughout Queensland.
Assistant Commissioner Rynders said the overall crime rate of offences against the person fell by two percent during the past 12 months.
“While the rate of reported rape and attempted rape offences for 2010/11 showed an increase of 30 percent, this was largely as a result of one alleged offender being charged in the Gympie District in relation to 153 ‘historical’ counts of rape and other sexual offences,” Assistant Commissioner Rynders said.
“This case shows the dedication and commitment of officers in the Region, who are willing to exhaust all avenues as part of the investigation process. And I can assure anyone who comes forward to report a crime, that we will investigate these matters thoroughly.
The overall rate of fraud offences increased at the rate of 29 percent, which can in part be attributed to five individuals in the Gympie District who were charged with 80 offences, and one offender in the Maryborough District who has been charged in relation to1289 offences of computer fraud.
Assistant Commissioner Rynders said there had been a five percent decline in unlawful use of a motor vehicle offences as well as drug offences reported in 2010/11.
The 2010/11 reporting period saw a rise in proactive policing strategies including move-on directions issued by police, which increased from 491 offences in 2009/10 to 627 offences in 2010/11. The number of liquor offences fell by 27 percent, as police in the region continue to crack down on anti-social behaviour.
“Police in the North Coast Region will continue to conduct targeted operations, designed to detect and reduce liquor offences and anti-social behaviour,” Assistant Commissioner Rynders said.
Incidences of robberies in the region have fallen by 26 percent in the last reporting period and there has been a 16 percent reduction in the rate of break-ins to homes and a decline of 16 percent in the reported number of break-ins of businesses.
Assistant Commissioner Rynders said these figures reflected the importance of personal property security and encouraged residents to remain vigilant and secure their homes, businesses and personal property.
“We will continue to actively work with the community to develop and implement crime prevention strategies and continue our proactive initiatives in preventing and detecting crime.”
Note: All percentages used in this release relate to the number of reported offences per 100,000 people. Assaults on police relate to the number of reported offences per 1000 officers. Media seeking regional and district crime statistics from the Queensland Police Service 2010/11 Annual Statistical Review can locate details on the QPS website at There is a link from the homepage to the current statistical review, which was tabled in State Parliament.