Annual Awards acknowledge student excellence

Guest Speaker Patrick Walden with Year 12 Gold Award recipients, teachers and Principal Lee Goossens. More pics here

Coolum High School students joined schools across the coast to host their 28th annual Academic Awards night last week.
Serving as a reminder that the end of the school year is fast approaching, parents and friends gathered at the Coolum State School multipurpose hall on Wednesday night (31 October) to congratulate Coolum High School’s most outstanding students, and acknowledge another full year of achievements.
Principal Lee Goossens kicked off the evening’s proceedings by saying that not only should excellence be celebrated, but it was also critical for it to be publicly acknowledged.
“At Coolum High we have a strong commitment to nurturing constructive relationships which underpin the heart and smarts of our values,” Mr Goossens said during his opening speech.
“The heart is the care and respect; the constructive relations we build with each other, while the smart refers to excellence.
“Coolum High has great teachers who at all times have the best interest of their students at heart. The fruits of their nurturing and tutelage are well and truly on display tonight,” he added before congratulating his students.
Following on from his speech was an inspiring talk by guest speaker Patrick Walden, a teacher at the school who is confined to a wheelchair for much of the time due to Cerebral Palsy.
Sharing his message of determination and hope, Mr Walden retraced his journey with the disease, crediting early ‘Conductive Education’ programs with his high level of independence as an adult.
Mr Walden recently completed his Graduate Diploma of Education having graduated from Mountain Creek SHS in 2007 with two university subjects under his belt thanks to the USC Head Start Program.
He was recognised for his academic and extra-curricular contributions to the Sunshine Coast University as the recipient of the Chancellor’s Medal, and has volunteered as an ambassador for the popular Head Start program.
Coolum High 2012 DUX Kristen Boshammer with Coolum Lioness President Robyn Peterson

Receiving the highest accolade of the year was outgoing School Captain Kristen Boshammer, who was announced as the 2012 Dux.
A clearly overwhelmed Kristen was presented with her award by Coolum Lioness President; Robyn Peterson after sharing the evening’s hosting duties with fellow School Captains Zane Acland, Jennifer Kerr and Jordan Rich.
Along with the many awards presented by Coolum’s community and business leaders, an appreciative audience was treated to uplifting musical interludes that showcased the students’ diverse talents.
The event was also a chance to recognise staff members Paula Doyle and Paul Newman for 25 years of Service, with several community leaders also acknowledged with a ‘Friends of Coolum High Award’.
Congratulations were also in order for the new school Leaders, who were officially presented with their school blazers by the outgoing 2012 Leaders.
Taking on the role of School Captains in 2013 are Amy Roese and Carter Kraaijmaat, supported by their Vice Captains Akala Douglas and Sam Yarwood and Presidents of the School Council, Yaniqui Kotzur and Finbar Fuller.
Congratulations to the following award recipients:
Artists of the Year  – Levi Hunter, Brooke Page
Performers of the Year  – Vaughn Lynch, Amber Faith and Levi Wilcox
Musician of the Year – Clancy McMahon, Brooke Page
Public Speakers of the Year – Tom Yarwood, Kali Crofts
Sporting Excellence Awards – Isabella Nichols, Jalessa Vincent, Gemma Hauck, Elijah Pilz, Jack Graham, Boady Bird and entire Regional Surfing Representative team.
Coolum leadership and Citizenship Awards – Chandler Sweetman, Amber-Rose Faith
Lions Leadership Award – Kali Crofts
Caltex Best All-Rounder Award – Brooke Page
Rotary Best All-Rounder Awards – Conor Burrows, Gemma Hauck, Brianna Noel, Akala Douglas, Lachlan Albrecht
Glen Elmes Encouragement Award – Dylan Findlay
Environmental and Sustainability Award – Georgia Berry
ADF leadership and Teamwork Award – Sophee Pascoe, Yaniqui Kotzur, Brooke Page
Acclaim Trainee of the Year – Reece Abrahams
Busy at Work Trainee of the Year – Cameron Edwards