Announcing my intentions

I intend to nominate for Division 5

To all my friends and colleagues, I would like to announce my intention to nominate as a Candidate for Division 5 at the upcoming 2012 Sunshine Coast Council elections, scheduled for the end of March next year.
While there has been much media attention given to the likely field of candidates for Mayor, equally important will be the necessity to provide voters in each council division, a choice of committed and qualified candidates for their councillor.
Choice is good, choice creates competition and competition keeps people presenting with their best game.
Over the coming months I look forward to the opportunity of engaging widely with all sections of the passionate, vibrant, and engaged Division 5 community. I invite and encourage people to share with me their issues and concerns together with their aspirations and vision for Division 5 and how Division 5 can be a vital contributor to the overall success of the Sunshine Coast region.
I seek nomination not to trawl through the rights and wrongs of the past but to concentrate on the future. The parameters around which the current Council had to deal were unique and for their time. The term of the next Council presents with a different set of opportunities, opportunities that must focus on delivering quickly on the foundations laid.
In the new year, I look forward to formulating policies to present to the constituents of Division 5 based upon the following principles.

  • Strength – in actively representing the region to ensure equity in the provision of services and facilities to Division 5 Communities
  • Suitability – of business and activities that are consistent with our natural environment and which leverage local assets and skills
  • Sustainability – in its broadest context, not only of the environment, but also of business, employment, and community funding
  • Streamlining – the passage of all aspects of council delivery such that the enthusiasm and initiative of people, business and community groups are rewarded and not stifled by unnecessary bureaucracy

I look forward to the challenge and invite people to support me in this endeavour.