Airport bid not impacted by de-amalgamation

Mayoral Candidate, Cr Debbie Blumel

Mayoral candidate and Major Projects Portfolio Councillor Debbie Blumel said the funding bid for the new runway at Sunshine Coast Airport would not be affected by de-amalgamation.
“We are one region when it comes to federal funding for strategic projects like the airport,” Cr Blumel said.
“Under my strategy – which was unanimously endorsed by Council – the airport bid would be safe, regardless of de-amalgamation issues.
“If the State Government de-amalgamates Noosa while I am Mayor of the Sunshine Coast, I would ensure that the federal government gets an updated funding submission for our $200M airport bid.
“I have been part of a council which has a good relationship with the state and federal governments.
“Sunshine Coast region has received over $117,000,000 in direct state and federal funding since the amalgamation in 2008.
“I’ll fight hard to ensure the State and Federal Governments continue to fund our infrastructure backlog when it comes to major strategic projects.”