AGL Chopper responds to trawler distress

Courtesy AGL Action Rescue Helicopter

In atrocious weather the AGL Action Rescue Helicopter flew to the aid of a prawning trawler after the vessel’s distress beacon was activated around 10 o’clock this morning.
It took the rescue helicopter less than 20 minutes to locate the 19 metre trawler which had suffered engine failure just off the northern tip of Morton Island.
When the helicopter arrived another trawler was already moored alongside the stricken vessel and offering some assistance.
The AGL Action Rescue Helicopter had to circle low above the trawler to establish radio contact. The prawn trawler reported that its crew was safe and well and that water had flooded its engine bays. The vessel which came to its aid was helping to pump the water out.
When the prawn trawler was no longer in any danger the rescue helicopter returned to its Sunshine Coast base.
The water police had also responded when the EPIRB was activated.