A pathway to improved pedestrian safety

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia

Sunshine Coast Council - Queensland - Australia
Sunshine Coast Council

Sunshine Coast Council is committed to increasing the pathway networks across the region.
Work will commence on construction of a 1.8 metre wide concrete pathway along the southern side of Hobbs Road, Buderim.
Division 7 Councillor Ted Hungerford said the new pathway would provide a safer, all-weather pedestrian access.
“This pathway is being extended to enable more people to travel safely to nearby Maroochydore Road where they can utilise public transport,” he said.
“As money becomes available in future council budgets, the pathway will be further extended along Hobbs Road.”
All pathways in Queensland are shared between cyclists, pedestrians and other wheeled devices (unless otherwise signed). Everyone should keep left, keep the path clear and give way to pedestrians. For more information visit the road safety page on council’s website.
Construction of the new pathway is scheduled to start on the week commencing 16 July and completion is expected within two weeks (weather permitting).
Council will endeavour to avoid disturbing large and established trees while works are in progress. During construction, property access may be affected for short durations and council officers will contact residents, where relevant, to discuss timing for access or parking if work is likely to block property entrances.