Cr Lew Brennan

Cr Lew Brennan
Cr Lew Brennan

Along with assisting in the cleanup from the weekend’s torrential rain, Sunshine Coast Council is helping flood-affected businesses get back on their feet.
Economic Development and Council Entrepreneurship Portfolio Councillor Lew Brennan said council had started meeting with local businesses that were suffering hardships to get an understanding of their immediate and short term needs.
“We had a business support officer in Pomona today and a full team will be on the ground from tomorrow to assist through our local business support program that provides urgent advice on legal and financial matters and helps connect businesses to other service providers in times of emergency,” he said.
“The aim of this service is to assist where we can with the cleanup and enable flood-affected local businesses to get back up and trading as quickly as possible.”
Cr Brennan said access to council’s on-the-ground immediate assistance was crucial while businesses count the cost of any damage and make insurance claims.
“Businesses who are intending to pursue insurance claims should do so through the normal avenues with their insurance providers,” he said.
Cr Brennan said local communities could also assist flood-affected businesses.
“Buying local is the best thing that community members can do when these businesses re-open to help them get back on their feet,” he said.
“I’d also encourage businesses that are able to offer assistance to neighbouring or nearby local businesses to do so.”
For more information on council’s businesses support program call council customer service on (07)54757272